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Sarah Reese Tract, 1886

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 04, File: 01
Identifier: 0275.01.04.01
Scope and Contents

1886 February 20 to Fred Mercur (Wilkes Barre) from Will H. Carter (Mahanoy City) Letter re: Sarah Reese Tract eastern portion known as Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Brown lands, Mineral R.R. & Mining Co. have been paying taxes on it under warrant of Sarah Reese. (typed letter, on back in pencil handwriting a note to I. W. Morris from Fred Mercur dated 1886 February 22 saying to check on this as the company does not want to pay taxes on someone elses land)

Dates: 1886

William Pritchard survey of Sarah Reese as warrantee, 1888

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 04, File: 02
Identifier: 0275.01.04.02
Scope and Contents 1888 June 28 from S. P. Wolverton Report on Interference of William Pritchard and Sarah Reese Tracts. (Report indicates that Pritchard made a survey dated February 7, 1785 involving George Coldrain and William Sheed land. Sarah Reese survey was made April 29, 1793 involving William Ball, George Coldrain, William Tomlinson and Daniel Reese. Tomlinson survey made in 1773). 1888 June 28 to Israel W. Morris from S. P. Wolverton (Sunbury) (three typed pages) re: Interference of Sarah...
Dates: 1888

Will H. Carter report on Interference of Reese and Pritchard, 1888

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 04, File: 03
Identifier: 0275.01.04.03
Scope and Contents 1888 July 6 to W. A. Lathrop (Wilkes-Barre) from Will H. Carter (Mahanoy City) (four typed pages) re: interference between surveys under warrants to Reese and Pritchard delay in examination due to Mercur's death and no being furnished any papers to examine points for Triennial Assessment. Mentions 1878 determination on Peter Sassaman tract, 1831 payment of Taxes on Jeremiah Brown lands. 1888 July 6 Report on Interference of Sarah Reese & Wm Pritchard Brown Lands by Will H....
Dates: 1888

Charles Hartshorne documents, 1871-1903

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 05, File: 01
Identifier: 0275.01.05.01
Scope and Contents 1871 January 17 Shamokin "Received of Francis Spatzer Forty Six on Lots 3 & 7 in Block 19 Douty. May & Trembley? For James May." 1871 August 31 Shamokin "Receive of Francis Spatzer Thirty Dollars on lot 6 x 7 In Block 19 Douty & May per James May" 1871 September 29 (List of Cash payments on land in following names): George Adams, Richard Hanly, Robert Parker, Adolph Noyer, Francis Spatzer, Isabella Parker, Squire Skelding 1871 October 5 from W. J....
Dates: 1871-1903

Mary Sheese documents, 1894

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 05, File: 02
Identifier: 0275.01.05.02
Scope and Contents

1894 June 22 Deed The Lehigh Valley Coal Company to Mary Sheese (three copies)

Dates: 1894

Reuben Keiser, 1900

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 05, File: 04
Identifier: 0275.01.05.04
Scope and Contents

1900 December 11 Deed The Lehigh Valley Coal Company to Reuben Keiser

Dates: 1900

Maria Long, 1872-1903

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 05, File: 03
Identifier: 0275.01.05.03
Scope and Contents 1872 May 18 Agreement between Francis Spaetzer of Coal Township of Northumberland County and State of Pennsylvania and Peter McManus and Maria Long for ground in Mayville Coal township 1876 July 29 Deed The Lehigh Valley Coal Company to Maria Long, Maysville (three copies) 1876 August 17 from Isaac May Senior May, Audenried & Co., Buck Ridge White Ash Coal, Shamokin) to Israel W. Morris re: balance on Maria Long's lot 1903 January 30 Extract from letter of Will H....
Dates: 1872-1903

List of Lot Sales at Maysville, 1903

 File — Box: 0275.01, Folder: 05, File: 05
Identifier: 0275.01.05.05
Scope and Contents

1903 January 30 List of Lot Sales on Land of Lehigh Valley Coal Company at Maysville, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Compiles by Mr. A. T. Beckwith No date List of Lot Sales at Maysville Lehigh Valley Railroad Co. Real Estate Dept List of Papers on File Empty envelope titled" 121 BROWN LANDS Lot Sales at Maysville" Empty envelope titled "121 Lehigh Valley Coal Com. List of Lot Sales at Maysville"

Dates: 1903