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Box 0275.02


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Documents marked 130, 1850s-1899

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 01A
Identifier: 0275.02.01A
Scope and Contents 1853 March 21 Deed William L. Helfenstein to John Anspach, John M. Bickel and Francis W. Hughes for the Isaac Miller survey 1857 August (latest entry) to (earliest entry) August 1814 refers to Brobst Tracts, Lehigh Valley Railroad Company Real Estate Dept. List of Papers on File: Books and papers used in case of Brobst Heirs vs. Lehigh Valley Coal Co.. (two copies) Empty envelope "130 Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Eastwick, Hayes and Elliott Papers etc used in suit Brobst Heirs vs. L.V.C. Co." 1879...
Dates: 1850s-1899

Documents marked 130 dated, 1900-1962

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 01B
Identifier: 0275.02.01B
Scope and Contents 1900-1901 L.V.R.R. and L.V. Coal companies, Susquehanna River islands 1900 November 22 Lehigh Valley Rail Road Co. (Philadelphia) Real Estate Dept. (Note re: Maps required to complete record files in R.R. Dep't) 1901 August 21 Notes Relative to Lehigh Valley Coal Company Titles – A. T. Beckwith (six typed sheets listings various tracts of lands and owners with envelope) 1906-1911 Lehigh & Wilkes-Barre Coal Company & Susquehanna River islands Lehigh Valley Coal Co. and Lehigh Valley...
Dates: 1900-1962

Documents marked 130-131 Lot Sales at Mount Carmel, 1895-1903

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 02
Identifier: 0275.02.02
Scope and Contents 1895 October 3 Deed Lehigh Valley Coal Co. to J. Ben Gould Lots 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Block 17 (two copies) 1895 October 3 Deed Lehigh Valley Coal Co. to P. J. Ferguson Block 15, Lots 1 & 5 Block 17 Parts Lots 1 & 2 Block 19 (two copies) 1895 November 4 Deed New York and Middle Coal Field Railroad and Coal Co. To P. J. Ferguson part Lots 1 & 2 and Lots 3 – 10 Block 19 and Block 21 1897 September 7 Deed Lehigh Valley Coal Co. to Mt. Carmel Township School District Western part of...
Dates: 1895-1903

Documents marked 130-360, 1912-1923

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 03
Identifier: 0275.02.03
Scope and Contents

1912 August 1 Agreement between Lehigh Valley Coal Company and Locust Mountain Water Company (two copies but only one copy has map) 1923 December 20 Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Titles 130, 134, 136, 150, 200, 210, 220, 226, 231, 300, 333, 360

Dates: 1912-1923

Documents marked 131, 1905

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 04
Identifier: 0275.02.04
Scope and Contents

1905 December 13 Agreement between Lehigh Valley Railroad Co. and Lehigh Valley Coal Company (includes map of Wagon Road at Sayre Colliery) Envelope titled "131 L.V. Coal Co. Agreement December 30, 1905 Lehigh Valley Railroad Company and the Lehigh Valley Coal Company covering two private road crossings near Sayre Colliery, Mount Carmel Township, Northumberland County, Pa." Cancelled

Dates: 1905

Documents marked 150, 1879-1859

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 05
Identifier: 0275.02.05
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The collection contains approximately 384 documents (deeds, titles, indentures, correspondence and leases) for anthracite coal lands, 40 envelopes, 20 maps, two pamphlets, one photogravure, and one large colored "painting." In general, the items are dusty, stained, crumpled, and some are very fragile.The earliest date mentioned in the documents is 1773 (Tomlinson survey of land) referred to in a later dated deed to the most recent items from the Peca Coal Company dated 1962. The...
Dates: 1879-1859

Glendon Lease, 1879

 File — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 05, File: 01
Identifier: 0275.02.05.01
Scope and Contents

1879 June 1 Articles of Agreement between Delano Land Company and James C. Hayden of Jeansville and Francis Robinson of New York trading as the J. C. Hayden & Co.

Dates: 1879

Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh Valley Coal Company, 1920

 File — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 05, File: 02
Identifier: 0275.02.05.02
Scope and Contents

1920 October 5 Agreement re: wrought iron water pipe under track at M.P. 160 on main line of M&H Division Park Place Map No. 5049 (one map) (two copies – one copy is marked CANCELLED Nov 28 1932)

Dates: 1920

Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh Valley Coal Companies, 1921

 File — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 05, File: 03
Identifier: 0275.02.05.03
Scope and Contents

1921 June 28 Agreement re: damage to railroad tracks due to coal mining (three copies of three typed pages and one map each copy)

Dates: 1921

Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh Valley Coal Companies, 1921

 File — Box: 0275.02, Folder: 05, File: 04
Identifier: 0275.02.05.04
Scope and Contents

1921 July 25 Agreement re: overhead wire crossing and undergrade pipe crossing in connection with proposed timber yard at Park Colliery, Pa. Original (six typed pages and one map and envelope) Document marked CANCELLED Mar 17 1933 L.V.R.R. Co.

Dates: 1921