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Box 0275.04


Contains 11 Results:

Delano Deeds, 1864-1879

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 01
Identifier: 0275.04.01
Scope and Contents 1864 July 18 Agreement between Warren Delano Jr. his attorney Franklin H. Delano, William Gihon, John Tucker, Edward King and William Stevenson Trustees for the Delano Land Company of the first part and William F. Patterson and James Steel re: Primrose vein known as Daniel Hurley and John Lytle tracts 1869 January 19 Agreement between Warren Delano, William Gihon, Edward King, Joseph C. Hance and William Stevenson Trustees of the Delano Land ...
Dates: 1864-1879

Valentine Brobst Tract Eastwick Hayes & Elliot, 1793-1873

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 02
Identifier: 0275.04.02
Scope and Contents

1793 – 1873 (29 pages of handwritten notation. Includes Asa Packer land transfers) No Date (typed note) “Notes in reference to titles to the various tracts comprising the coal lands of the L.V.R.R. Co. made by Edward Potts”

Dates: 1793-1873

John Kyte documents, 1876-1877

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 03
Identifier: 0275.04.03
Scope and Contents 1876 July 5 from Kyte & Collins (Mahanoy City) to Lewis Riley re: Beaver Run Colliery 1876 July 5 from Will H. Carter (Mahanoy City) to Lewis Riley re: Kyte property 1876 July 18 from William B. Wells (Pottsville) to W. H. Carter (Mahanoy City) Re: mortgage of Kyte 1876 July 19 re: Judgment Index of the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Schuylkill no Liens against John & Sophia Kyte 1876 August 24 Agreement between Delano Land Co. part of the first...
Dates: 1876-1877

Delano Land Company Taxes, 1855-1871

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 04
Identifier: 0275.04.04
Scope and Contents 1856 May 22 An Account of Taxes, Interest and coss assessed and now due on the several tracts of unsealed land in Schuylkill County mentioned as the property of the Mayor Alderman and Citizens of Philadelphia, Cornelius Stevenson and Christopher Loeser and now the property of Warren Delano Jr. William Gihon, John Tucker and William Stevenson 1855, 1856 & 1857 Receipts #3471.61 1858 April 8 Taxes assessed on Delano lands 1855, 1856, 1857 (names of...
Dates: 1855-1871

Israel W. Morris, Lehigh Valley Coal Company, 1881-1882

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 05
Identifier: 0275.04.05
Scope and Contents 1881 December 10 Form of Application for unimproved land. Nelson Brandon of The township of East Union in the County of Schuylkill applies for Three Hundred acres of land situated adjoining lands of Joseph Wolfe on the North, Honey Brook Coal Co. on the East, Delano Land Co. on the South and Wm. Torburt on the West (original and handwritten copy on tissue paper). 1882 May 26 from Will H. Carter (Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Mahanoy City) to ...
Dates: 1881-1882

Israel W. Morris, President Delano Land Co. & Alex Campbell, 1872-1877

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 06
Identifier: 0275.04.06
Scope and Contents 1872 November 13 from Israel W. Morris to David W. Kelley, Thomas J. Stryker T. W. Hill, Charles Brearley and Andrew Dutcher a Lease executed and delivered by Warren Delano and others and to The Trenton Coal Company claiming to be assignees of the Mercer Coal Company and to George W. Esser and E. T. Booth (three handwritten copies, two on yellow tissue paper) 1874 March 2 from Alex D. Campbell (Philadelphia) to IsraelW. Morris (hand- written note...
Dates: 1872-1877

J. C. Hayden, Delano Land Co., L.V.R.R. Primrose Colliery, 1879-1884

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 07
Identifier: 0275.04.07
Scope and Contents

1879 January 1 Articles of Agreement between Delano Land Co. and James C. Hayden of Jeanesville for lands known as the Daniel Hurley and William Dewart tracts (four colored map attached of L.V.R.R. Primrose Branch) 1884 July 1 Agreement between Delano Land Co. and Francis Robinson and James C. Haydon re: the January 1, 1879 agreement

Dates: 1879-1884

Delano Land Company and Mahanoy City Water Co., 1870-1879

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 08
Identifier: 0275.04.08
Scope and Contents 1870 December ? Articles of Agreement between Delano Land Co. and Mahanoy City Water Co. re: water pipes laid on Delano lands to tap “Big Run” 1875 May 10 Articles of Agreement between Delano Land Co. and Mahanoy City Water Co. pipes laid on Delano lands to tap Big Run stream 1876 March 29 Copy of Agreement from the President of Delano Land Co. and Mahanoy City Water Co. which requests access to surplus fresh and pure water from time to time in the south...
Dates: 1870-1879

Lehigh Valley Railroad Company documents, 1871-1909

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 09
Identifier: 0275.04.09
Scope and Contents (Six documents connected together by pin under a scrap piece of Lehigh Valley Rail Road Company, 303 Walnut Street, Philadelphia letterhead) 1871 June 5 to ? ? DeWitt from Henry A. Heiser (Henry A. Heiser’s Sons, Bankers, No. 38 Wall St., New York letterhead) re: introduction to “I. W. Morris who acts in the interest of Mr. Packer” 1871 June 9 from J? Darling to Israel W. Morris (handwritten note) re: a receipt 1871June 10 receipt from Adams Express Company to I. W. Morris...
Dates: 1871-1909

The Pennsylvania Coal Company documents, 1864-1867

 Sub-Series — Box: 0275.04, Folder: 10
Identifier: 0275.04.10
Scope and Contents

1864 January 19 Memorandum of Lease between New York and Pittston Coal Company and the Pennsylvania Coal Company - The Surface Vein 1867 October 3 Memorandum of Lease between New York and Pittston Coal Company and the Pennsylvania Coal Company – The Stark Shaft Vein (both these Memoranda refer to an Act dated April 21, 1854)

Dates: 1864-1867