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Volume 0229


Contains 58 Results:

Register and Entrance Book, 1876-1893

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 013
Scope and Contents

Includes list of students that had not signed, and instruction sheet on excuses for absences. Pledge of students to uphold laws and responsibilities of University. Includes students and parents names, hometowns, residential addresses, etc. Enrollment; students; admissions

Dates: 1876-1893

Marks at Annual Examinations, 1868-1875

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 018
Scope and Contents

Handwritten manuscript includes student names, course titles, students' marks and grades -- First graduating class names and degrees: Class of 1869, Corbin, Rock, Ronaldson C., Roepper, Wolle.

Dates: 1868-1875

Letters of Registrar, 1903

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 029
Scope and Contents

Registry index; contains students' names by last name; the numbers following the name likely refers to the registrar book they are found in.

Dates: 1903

Index of Register, Lehigh University, 1880

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 031
Scope and Contents

Registry index contains students' names.

Dates: 1880

Attendance at Faculty Meetings Lehigh University, 1925-1931

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 069
Scope and Contents

Roll and attendance records of faculty members.

Dates: 1925-1931

Indigent Student Fund, 1890 - 1895

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 012A
Scope and Contents "Henry Coppee acting President in account with friend for indigent student fund re-examinant fees." "Dr" (students (taking money--debtors) and "Cr" (giving money (mostly professors). Financial aid; needy studentsLedger Indigent Students Fund 1890-1895: This little ledger contains the notations in Henry Coppeeā€™s handwriting regarding the money pledged and given to a fund established by President Coppee to help indigent students finish their studies when the free tuition program...
Dates: 1890 - 1895

Tuition Ledger, 1902-1905

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 020
Scope and Contents

Students' names and graduation years and their tuition dues per semester or year -- Information of student received scholarship award or had teaching job, etc. -- Tuition; Scholarship; Financial aid

Dates: 1902-1905

Tuition and Diploma Fees, 1896-1904

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 034
Scope and Contents

Students names, graduation year, tuition payments

Dates: 1896-1904

Minutes of Committee on College Administration, October 23, 1895-April 30, 1898

 File — Volume: 0229, Item: 021
Scope and Contents

Minutes of meetings typed on paper and pasted onto book pages -- Robert Linderman; Henry S. Drinker; Thomas M. Drown; William Sayre; Ralph Thayer; Robinson; Edmund Hyde; Thornburg; Frazier; William H. Chandler.

Dates: October 23, 1895-April 30, 1898