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Box 0238.03


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Folder 1

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 01
Scope and Contents - Handwritten notes and reminders- DRBC “grandfather clause”- DRBC notice of commission meeting and public hearing- Save the Delaware Coalition (SDC)- Delaware River newspaper articles- Watershed Association of Delaware River invitation- Supreme Court decree- Francis Schafer- Various letters to Shukaitis- Report financing basin water projects- Conference of Upper Delaware Township...
Dates: 1950-2006

Folder 2, 1982-07

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 02
Scope and Contents - DRAFT environmental impact statement for proposed Merrill Creek Reservoir Project Warren County, NJ…...DRBC July 1982- Delaware Valley Conservation Association letter- Testimony- Edith Stevens- Economic Dev. council of Northeastern PA- Notes to and from Shukaitis- DRB study “level B” 11th meeting agenda - DRBC partnership chart- Funding for “level B”- Reports from Ramapo College of NJ...
Dates: Other: 1982-07

Folder 3, 1975-05-01 - 1977-10-28

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 03
Scope and Contents - Comments and questions on level B study interim report June 26,1978- Notice of public hearings- DRBC- DRBC level B study, study steering committee minutes for meeting March 26, 1979- Shukaitis comments on Preliminary draft final report DRBC comprehensive study “Level B Study” - Comments about level B study- Notes “revitalize or replace” May 1, 1975- David Longmaid study manager, Study steering committee minutes Oct....
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1975-05-01 - 1977-10-28

Folder 4, 1977-11-11

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 04
Scope and Contents - Shukaitis-commissioner- letter asking for people to testify to protect the Delaware River- News articles on hearing for Delaware River- Unsigned Petition for River- Handwritten notes- Buck County hearing 11/11/77- Letter from Congressman Kostmayer on Delaware River hearing- Wild and scenic River designation on Delaware River- Speech given by Stewart Udall Sept. 1977 to Saucon Valley - Association for a...
Dates: Other: 1977-11-11

Folder 5, 1966 - 1978-10-18

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 05
Scope and Contents - Floodplain regulation, Philadelphia water charges, 1966 Bethlehem water authority, level B water desalting and wild and scenic River- Testimony of Carmen F. Guarino and Karl I. Schofield- Philadelphia. Feb 28, 1973- Commissioners Office Monroe County March 2, 1973 - copy of statements made at public hearing- Photocopy of free press editorial “once more with feeling” Jan 26, 1973- US Army Corps of Engineers map of project locations Statement...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1966 - 1978-10-18

Folder 6, 1967-01-25 - 1974-10-30

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 06
Scope and Contents - DRBC notices of public hearings: Feb 22, 1972, April 23, 1974, Oct 30, 1974, March 29, 1972, Jan 26, 1967, Jan 25, 1967, April 27, 1977, Feb 28, 1973, March 29, 1973, Jan 26, 1972- News clipping- DRBC explore pollution causes, pricing for water, sewage plant- Wright and Howlett papers on water supply and sale presented to commissioners- Donald Gage statement to DRBC hearing on Feb 22, 1972- Richard J. Sullivan on pollution problems...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1967-01-25 - 1974-10-30

Folder 7, 1977-08 - 1979-11-27

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 07
Scope and Contents - Level B study program under federal water pollution control act amendments sect. 209 August 1977 (9 copies)- Newspaper clippings- many oppose dam at hearings, Nov. 15,16,and 19, 1979- Handwritten notes on level B study- May 31, 1978 and June 1st 1978- Task force proposed statement of position on level B final draft report- Notice of public hearing on draft final report Nov 14-27, 1979- Handwritten notes on level b study, no...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1977-08 - 1979-11-27

Folder 8, 1973-02-28 - 1979-05-22

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 08
Scope and Contents - Commissioner's office Monroe County- statement of Shukaitis on level B preliminary Draft final report, DRBC- April 4, 1979 (several copies)- Letter to Shukaitis from the Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power about a meeting to discuss three mile island nuclear accident at Bloomsburg college- 6/12/79- Comments of Shukaitis on preliminary Draft final report DRBC study level B - April 24, 1979- Letters to the editor on prevention of Dam building in...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1973-02-28 - 1979-05-22

Folder 9, 1968

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 09
Scope and Contents

- SIGNED petition to congress urging to include the Delaware River in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968

Dates: 1968

Folder 10: Miscellaneous, 1973-10 - 1982-11

 File — Box: 0238.03, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents - Reports - Alternatives to Tocks Island Reservoir report Oct. 1973 - DRAFT Delaware River basin report of level B study (DRBC) - US Department of interior Draft Environmental statement general management plan, Del. water gap National recreation area Sept. 1978 (includes maps and charts) - Preliminary Staff Draft- not official commonwealth of PA environmental quality board. Environmental Master Plan Nov 1982- New Jersey water supply: Alternatives to...
Dates: Other: Majority of material found within 1973-10 - 1982-11