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Linderman Family Genealogy Documents (Including Brodhead, Packer, Sayre, Frick Families)

Identifier: SC MS 0271

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of photocopies of genealogical research, obituaries and newspaper articles.


  • Creation: 1710 - 2013
  • Creation: Majority of material found within 1856 - 1995


Biographical / Historical

An attempt to trace the Linderman Family genealogy was motivated by receipt of a baby photo of Lucy Helen Barker (daughter of Laura Shatsie Linderman Barker, LU 1995) born 2010 and the obituary of Robert Packer Linderman Frick who died 2013. All of the American Linderman Family apparently claim to be descendents of Jakob von Linderman who left Germany in 1710 and settled in Orange County, New York. Jacob is reputed to be related to Margaretta Linderman who married Hans Luther and was the mother of Martin Luther, the German Reformation religious leader. The main focus of this search is the Linderman Family branch associated with Lehigh University. Dr. Garrett Brodhead Linderman (1829-1885) son of Dr. John Jordan Linderman (1787-1872) married Lucy Eveline Packer (1831-1873) daughter of Asa Packer (1805-1879) founder of Lehigh University. Dr. Garrett Brodhead Linderman was a younger brother of Henry Richard Linderman (1825-1879), a director (1866-1869) and superintendent (1872-1877) of the United States Mints. Lehigh’s Special Collections has a file SC LVF L748 assembled mostly by his son, Henry Richard Linderman, Jr. Lehigh Class of 1879. The Frick connection appears to be a result of marriage between Linderman, Packer and Sayre families. One of the Sayre/Linderman daughters, Ruth Evelyn [Sayre] Linderman married a John Arthur Frick of York, Pennsylvania resulting in four children: Mary Norris Linderman Frick who married Hollis Stratton French, grandnephew of Lehigh President Robert H. Lamberton, Robert Packer Linderman Frick born about1915 who died in 2013; another son, John A. Frick Jr. was Lehigh Class of 1935 and Ruth Linderman Cox.


John Jordan Linderman (1787-1872) was grandson of Jacob von Linderman who left Germany in 1710 settled in New York. Jacob was considered a relative of Margarette Linderman Luther, mother of Martin Luther, the famous Reformation religious leader. John Jordan Linderman, a son of Henry and Sarah Shaw Linderman, was born in Orange County, New York. He studied in New York City to be a physician and for half a century practiced medicine in Pike County, Pennsylvania. He married Rachel Brodhead whose father was Judge Richard Brodhead of Pike County, PA and a sister of Richard Brodhead, a Senator for Pennsylvania. Her grandfather was Garrett Brodhead who served in the American Revolution from New Jersey. Dr. John and Rachel Linderman produced three sons: Henry, Garrett and Albert B. (nothing found)

Henry Richard Linderman (1825-1879) after studying to be a physician eventually became director (1866-1869) and superintendent (1872-1877) of the U.S. Mints and commissioner of the Treasury under President Andrew Johnson. His son Henry Richard Linderman Jr. (1858-1928) was in Lehigh University’s Class of 1879. He worked for the Germania Life Insurance Company. In 1899 he married Harriet Sprague Wright. He had a great interest in the Linderman genealogy. He had a Ferdinand Seeger and Mary Marjorie Tyler search many genealogy sources for the name Linderman. Photocopies of the results are in Special Collections SC LVF L748 at Lehigh University.

Garrett Brodhead Linderman (1829-1885) was born in Lehman in Pike County also studied medicine in New York City, practiced in Nesquehoning until his health was weakened in a cholera epidemic. He became a successful business man. His first wife was Lucy Eveline/Evelyn Packer (1831-1873), a daughter of Asa Packer founder of Lehigh University. They married in 1856. Of this marriage came five children – two died in childhood (Asa Packer [b&d1861] and another son), three children grew to adulthood: Sallie (1859-1898), Robert Packer Linderman (1863-1903) and Garrett Brodhead Linderman Jr./II (1864-1950).

Sallie Packer Linderman (1859-1898) married Warren Abbott Wilbur (1859-1932). Their son Robert Eldredge Wilbur (1881-?) was in Lehigh Class of 1904. In 1905 he married Nina Vyse. Their children: Nina Katherine (1906-?), Sallie Linderman (1907-?), Warren Abbott II (1909-?) and Gladys Edith.

Robert Packer Linderman (1863-1903) was born in Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA. In 1884 he graduated from Lehigh University and for many years was on the University Board of Trustees. In 1884 he married Ruth May Sayre (1864-1938) a daughter of Robert Heysham and Evelyn Smith Sayre – their children: Ruth Evelyn (1885-1979) married John A. Frick), Mary Evelyn (1889-?), Lucy Evelyn (1892-?), Evelyn (1893-?), Christine (1895-?) and Robert Packer Linderman (Jr.) (1898-1973). Ruth Evelyn [Sayre] Linderman (1885-1979?) in 1908 married John Arthur Frick of York, Pa. (LU Class of 1903). The children from this marriage: Nancy Norris Frick (married Hollis Stratton French), John Arthur Frick Jr. (LU Class of 1935), Robert Packer Linderman Frick (1915?-2013), and Ruth (Frick) Cox. The Fricks lived in Salisbury House located at 910 Emmaus/Emaus Avenue and Honeysuckle Road, Salisbury Township, Allentown, Pa. It is this house that is mentioned in the Simon interview in relationship to the funeral arrangements of Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre (1887-1933) who married Francis Bowes Sayre (1885-1972). Mr. Sayre was a half-uncle of Ruth Evelyn Frick. Robert Packer Linderman Jr. (1898- 1973) was in Lehigh’s Class of 1922. He married Jane Elizabeth Wilkinson (1904-2001). Children: Ann Linderman Shanley, Robert Packer Linderman III.

Garrett Brodhead Linderman

Garrett Brodhead Linderman Jr. (1864-1950) married in 1889 Jennie Seymour Brodhead (d. 1919). Children: Garrett Brodhead III (b. 1891-? married 1937 Helen Snow Moreland (d.1950)); Robert Seymour (1896-1919); Beverley Warner (b.1898); Stuart Henry (1899-?); Sidney Ely (1903-1960); Jane Seymour (1907-1919).

Garrett Brodhead Linderman III (1891-?) married in 1937 Helen Snow Moreland (died 1950).

Robert Seymour Linderman (1896-1919) was in Lehigh’s Class of 1918.

Beverley Warner Linderman (1898-1953) Lehigh Class of 1922 married in 1927 Katherine Schoonmaker Ferris (d. 1950).

Stuart Henry Linderman (1899-?) Lehigh Class of 1922 married Mary Kathryn Neidrich in 1924. Their children: Mary Jane (b. 1926 unmarried), Stuart Henry (b. 1929 married 1950 Jacqueline Cartier Kirwan divorced), Sydney (b. 1933 married in 1952 Robert Patterson MacClelland – their children: Michael Patrick born 1953 and Robert Bryan born 1955), Théone Brodhead (b. 1934 married in 1954 Richard Philip Edward Luoher divorced – two children Nina Luoher and Janice? Luoher)

Sidney Ely Linderman (1903-1960) married in 1936 Eugenia Pleasonton (1911-1974). Children: John Rodney (b. 1937), Sarah Packer (b. 1941) and Karolen Bacon (b. 1945). John Rodney Linderman (b.1937-) Lehigh class of 1959 married Joan Linderman. Children: John Jr. and Laura Shatsie (b.1974?) Laura Shatsie (Linderman) Barker born 1972, Lehigh class of 1995 married Andrew Barker. Child: Lucy Helen Barker born 2010.

In 1880 Garrett Brodhead Linderman, Sr. married a second time - Frances Armina Evans and from this marriage came three daughters: Lillian (1881-1944 married Eldredge Packer Wilbur), Ida (1884-1932 married Carlos D’Avila) and Helen (1886-1920 married Nestor Doctrus?).

Brodhead Linderman

Rachel Brodhead, daughter of Judge Richard Brodhead (1771-?) and Jane Drake of Pike County, Pennsylvania and granddaughter of Garrett Brodhead (b.1733) officer in American Revolution, married John Jordan Linderman (1787-1872). Their children: Henry Richard (1825-1879) and Garrett Brodhead (1829-1885).

Henry Richard Linderman (1825-1879) by his mother was a nephew of Richard Brodhead (1811-1863), Senator from Pennsylvania and great-nephew of Daniel Brodhead (d. 1803), a Colonel of the 8th PA Regiment of the Continental Line, late a Brigadier-General and original member of the Cincinnati of PA, and Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania. (George Washington was also a member of the Cincinnati organization). Henry Richard Linderman was a director (1866-69) and superintendent (1872-77) of the U.S. Mints. His namesake son collected the Linderman genealogy.

Garrett Brodhead Linderman (1829-1885) same as above but in 1856 Garrett married Lucy Eveline/Evelyn Packer, daughter of Asa and Sarah Packer. Garrett and Lucy had three children who lived to adulthood: Sallie Linderman who married Warren A. Wilbur, Garrett Brodhead Linderman Jr. and Robert Packer Linderman Jr.

Jennie Seymour Brodhead (d. 1919) born in Mauch Chunk daughter of Abraham Brodhead and Camelia Ely, in 1889 married Garrett Brodhead Linderman, Jr. (1864-1950) Lehigh Class of 1914. Of this marriage were born Garrett Brodhead (III) (b. 1891-?), Robert Seymour (1896-1919), Beverley Warner (b. 1898-1953), Stuart Henry (b. 1899-?) Sidney Ely (1903-1960) and Jane Seymour (1907-1919).

See Linderman section for biographical information of each of these children.

Frick Linderman

Ruth Evelyn [Sayre] Linderman (1885-1979) married in 1908 John Arthur

Frick (1880-1974) Lehigh Class of 1903 Mechanical Engineering. Their children: Mary Norris (Frick) French, John Arthur Frick Jr. (1911-1988) attended Lehigh in a BS program in business administration, Robert Packer Linderman Frick (1915-2013), and Ruth [Linderman] (Frick) Cox.

Mary Norris (Frick) French married Hollis Stratton French, a grandnephew of Robert H. Lamberton, former president of Lehigh University.

Robert Packer Linderman Frick (1915?-2013) possibly named for his maternal grandfather. His great-grandparents were Garrett Brodhead and Lucy Packer Linderman. He was a great-great-grandson of Asa Packer.

Packer Linderman/Sayre

Helen(a) Augusta Packer (d. 1880), daughter of Robert W. Packer (1809-1849) and widow of Rollin H. Rathbun, married Robert Heyshem Sayre in 1879 as his third wife. She died 1880. No children. She was a niece of Asa Packer.

Lucy Eveline/Evelyn Packer (1831-1873), daughter of Asa and Sarah Minerva Blakslee Packer, married in 1856 Garrett Brodhead Linderman (1829-1885). Three of their five children lived to adulthood: Sallie Packer Linderman Wilbur (1859-1898), Robert Packer Linderman (1863-1903), Garrett Brodhead Linderman Jr. (1864-1950)


Mary Eliza(beth) Sayre (1849-?) married in 1873 William Henry “Billy” Chandler (1841-1906), professor of Chemistry and President of Lehigh University. Children: Robert Sayre Chandler (b.&d. 1874); Evelyn (1876-?) who married in 1903 Ralf Ridgeway Hillman (L.U. class of 1891) a grandson of Herman B. Hillman, a partner of Asa Packer on Lehigh Canal; Sarah Whitney (1877-?)

Sayre Linderman/Packer:

Robert Heysham Sayre (1824-1909) married four times:

1st wife: In 1845 Mary Evelyn Smith (1824-1869). Nine children, four died as infants and three not Linderman: Mary Eliza (1849-?) married in 1873 William H. Chandler (1841-1906), Lehigh University chemistry professor, their children: Robert Sayre Chandler (b & d 1874), Evelyn Sayre Chandler (1876-?) married Ralf Hillman, Sarah Whitney (1877-?); Ruth May Sayre (1864-1938) married in 1884 Robert Packer Linderman (1863-1903). Their children: Ruth Evelyn (1885-1979), Mary Evelyn (1889-?), Lucy Evelyn (1892-?), Evelyn (1893-?), Christine (1895-?), Robert Packer Linderman Jr. (1898-1973).

2nd wife: In 1871 Mary Bradford (1825-1877) widow of Pennsylvania Senator Richard Brodhead and niece of Jefferson Davis of Mississippi. No children

3rd wife: In 1879 Helen(a) Augusta Packer (d.1880) daughter of Robert W. Packer, niece of Asa Packer, widow of Rollin H. Rathbun. No children.

4th wife: In 1882 Martha Finley Nevin (1845-1907). Three children: John Nevin Sayre (1884-1977); Francis Bowes Sayre (1885-1972); Cecil Nevin (1886-1887). Francis Bowes Sayre (1885-1972) married in 1913 Jessie Woodrow Wilson (1887-1933) daughter of President Woodrow Wilson (see Prof. Simon’s interview with Ruth Frick). ). Francis Sr. was ambassador to Siam, professor at Harvard University and Assistant Secretary of State. Children: Francis Bowes Sayre Jr. (1915-2008), Eleanor Sayre and Woodrow Wilson Sayre. Francis Bowes Sayre, Jr. (1915-2008) married in 1946 Harriet Taft Hart (d. 2003). He was Dean of the National Cathedral. Children: Jessie Sayre Maeck, Harriet Sayre McCord, Thomas Hart Sayre, Nevin Sayre


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An attempt is made to trace the Linderman Family as it is directly associated with Lehigh University. The Lindermans in the United States seemingly trace their ancestry to Jacob von Linderman who came to New York in 1710. He is believed to be a relative of the brother of Margarette Linderman Luther, the mother of the German Reformation religious leader, Martin Luther.


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