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Box 0041.01


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General Correspondence, 1875-1879

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 01-04
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The material here includes letters written to his parents while he was a student at Lehigh, grade reports, letters from the President of the University about unexcused absences; term papers; programs of track meets; his grade books when he was an instructor at Lehigh in 1883-1884; newspaper clippings about Lehigh, including extensive coverage of the death of Asa Packer; forms and correspondence about the Alumni Association; and biographical material, including diplomas, and reprints of all...
Dates: 1875-1879

Correspondence from James Stuart Cunningham [ME ‘79], 1881-1887

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 05
Scope and Contents 1881 August 13 J.S. Cunningham (Wilkes Barre) to Dick writes about what has happened since graduating, he is with railroad branch of Pennsylvania R.R., met Prof. Doolittle who is engaged in the 2nd Geological Survey determining the Latitude and Longitude of Wilkes Barre, asked how you liked you work, Cunningham is getting married and expects to live in Allentown, recalls about several ’79 Class members locations 1881 September 11 Cunningham (Susquehanna Coal Company, Wilkes- Barre...
Dates: 1881-1887

Correspondence from Charles Leander Doolittle, 1883-1893

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 06
Scope and Contents 1883 March 18 thanks for the trouble in looking up “my stars.” Says “in regard to prospects for the future – the shutting of the Lake Survey Office and other government work makes the field rather over Crowded in the direction of Geodesy and Astronomy – if money is the consideration with you, I should say the prospects at present are more favorable in the direction of civil engineering. If you have a taste for teaching geometry and algebra to freshmen it is possible that an opening...
Dates: 1883-1893

Correspondence from James Elder Gilbert [CE’78], 1881

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 07
Scope and Contents

1881 February 28 (Office of Wm. T. Gilbert Winchester Iron Foundry and Machine Shops, Winchester, Va) Gill reports he is home on a visit before a leave for “the land of Sitting Bull” [South Dakota] in about a week, he has gone West and promoted to Ass’t Eng’r on $110 per month, in Washington saw Bishop Lyman, Linderman and Reid. Asks Richard to write him about “the old boys. Do you drink beer & smoke cigarettes yet?”

Dates: 1881

Correspondence from Joseph Hill Paddock [ME’79], 1880-1881

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 08
Scope and Contents 1875-79? [Note written on back of advertisement for Lechauweki Springs] “Tuck, Have an examination in chemistry at 8 ½ at Chandler house will be back about 10 PM providence permitting You can go to bed J.H.P.” 1880 November 7 (Office of the Lehigh Valley Rail Road Co., Bethlehem) remarks that he is doing well at L.V.R.R. and recalls a ship that Richard’s father had named Richard III and saw the ship at Amboy with a load of old English rails, wishes him a pleasant voyage...
Dates: 1880-1881

Correspondence from Fitzwilliam Sargent [CE’79], 1880- 1897

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 09
Scope and Contents 1880 May 21 (D. & R.G. Eng. Corps, Cañon City, Colorado) to Richard III, got a transit and marked the railroad line through the Royal Gorge and Grand Canyon in knee deep snow meeting another party along the Texas Creek at base of Sangre de Christo range – enjoyed it except for weather, living in tents at 6 to 8 thousand feet, get twice the pay as in east, lead mine in mountains, negotiating with N.Y. & N.E. R.R. – low salary but good prospects 1880 July 31 (Noname Gulch,...
Dates: 1880- 1897

Ledger and Scrapbook, 1874-1882

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 10
Scope and Contents 29.5 x 19 x 1 cm marbleized paper covered boards with red spine, small L in gold at bottom pages tabulated A – Z scored into columns: Name Residences Subject of Ent. Page KofS; Cash Account 1875-1879 (pages 1 – 17); (pages 24 – 67) (newspaper clippings on various theater productions; (pages 70 – 102) Class Account with A. Bell, C.W. Bowen, J.S. Cunningham, M.M. Duncan, W.S. Duncan, A. Farrell, R.W. Geitner, J. de F Gororas?, L.M. Halsey, W.B. Hammond, H.Y. Horn, H.C....
Dates: 1874-1882

Course work, 1875-1876

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 11
Scope and Contents 11.01 Richard H. Tucker Drawing Book 1875-1876 (pencil drawings of rural scenes possibly of Maine and Pennsylvania – barns, pumps, small stone bridges, gates, boat, houses, rock outcrops) (measures 17.5 x 27 cm grey paper binding) 11.02 R.H. Tucker, jr. L.U.’79 Strictly Private! (class schedules 1875-1877) (measures 9 x 6 cm tan paper binding) 11.03 (manuscript) “Statical Electricity” (2 pages) 11.04 (manuscript) Sunday Feb’y 17th Read at Dr. Leavitts Feb’y 18th “The...
Dates: 1875-1876

Athletics, including Intercollegiate Athletic Association and Assorted University Day Programs, 1875-1884

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents 1875 November 20 Lehigh University Athletic Association Fall Meeting, Rittersville Park 1876 May 27 Spring Meeting of the Athletic Association of the Lehigh University Rittersville Park 1876 June 20 Commencement Hop Program Music by Eureka Orchestra 1876 June 22 The Lehigh University Annual Exercises Order of the Annual Examination – University Day 1876 June 22 Christian Evidences Lehigh University (satirical program) 1876 December 18...
Dates: 1875-1884

Correspondence about Lehigh, 1884-1915

 Series — Box: 0041.01, Folder: 13
Scope and Contents 1884 February 3 Dick to Will (brother) re: death of Harry E. Packer day off from teaching at Lehigh, Dick will attend funeral as a faculty member as he went to Asa Packer funeral, says both sons dead now and they greatly shortened their lives by hard drinking – too much money was really their ruin, skated to Allentown, sleighing unbroken, tramped to see ruins of dynamite factory. 1895 June 20 Mansfield Merriman (Bethlehem) to Tucker re: Prof. Doolittle’s resignation and...
Dates: 1884-1915