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Box 0040.01



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Will as registered in Carbon County by James H. Handwerk, 1883-1884

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 01
Identifier: 0040.01.01
Scope and Contents

Register for Wills dated 5 February 1884 stating Executors Mrs. Mary Augusta [Lockhart] Packer, Elisha P. Wilbur and Robert A. Lamberton (8 pages) Letter of attorney (2 copies), William C. Morris Jr., January 24, 1883 embossed gold seal, Elisha P. Wilbur Filed for Record July 27, 1883 wax seal of L. H. Barber, Notary Public

Dates: 1883-1884

Bowman's Creek Land & Lumbering Co. Ltd., 1876-1883

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 02
Identifier: 0040.01.02
Scope and Contents 1876 January 14 indenture between R. Bruce Ricketts and his wife Elizabeth of Wilkes Barre, John Brown of Easton, Robert H. Sayre of South Bethlehem, Charles O. Skeer and James I. Blakeslee of Mauch Chunk, George Ruddle of East Mauch Chunk, Albert Lewis of White Haven, Wm. Stevenson of Ithaca, New York doing business under the name Bowmans Creek Land and Lumber Company Limited 1876 February 1 partnership association between John Brown, Easton, Pa., Robert H. Sayre, South...
Dates: 1876-1883

Inventories and property agreements, 1881-1911

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 03
Identifier: 0040.01.03
Scope and Contents 1881 October 8 Market House on West Broadway 1884 February 1 Inventory and appraisement of the goods and Chattels rights and credits, which were of Harry E. Packer 1884 February 11 Testamentary Letters of Harry E. Packer to Mrs. Mary Augusta Packer, Elisha P. Wilbur and Robert A. Lamberton, embossed seal of James H. Handwerk (16 copies) 1884 February 22 Estate of Harry E. Packer Deceased Inventory of Household Effects 1885 December 31 Estate of Harry E. Packer Deceased...
Dates: 1881-1911

Stock certificates , 1881-1886

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 04
Identifier: 0040.01.04
Scope and Contents 1881 July 20 People’s Telephone & Telegraph Company 100 Shares in the name of Charles H. Cummings signed by H. E. Packer 1881 People’s Telephone & Telegraph Company 500 Shares to Harry E. Packer 1882 The Mina Rica Mining Company 2,000 Shares to Robert J. Parvin 1882 Control Combustion Company 33 Shares to H. E. Packer 1883 The Cayuta Forge and Axle Company 10 Shares to H. E. Packer 1883 American Exchange of Paris 500 Shares to Henry E. Packer 1884 Glen...
Dates: 1881-1886

Settlement, Railroad stock , 1897

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 05
Identifier: 0040.01.05
Scope and Contents

1897 December 2 Lehigh Valley Railroad, the Estate of H. E. Packer indebted to LVRR a due bill of $138,187.50 (2 copies, one copy marked Paid)

Dates: 1897

Settlement, Carbon County property, 1901-1926

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 06
Identifier: 0040.01.06
Scope and Contents 1901 July 9 E.P. Wilbur collateral security of Estate of Harry E. Packer, M. Augusta Packer, E.P. Wilbur, R.M. Gummere 1901 September 9 received of trustees of Estate of Harry E. Packer sum of $45,000 due on account to Emilie V. Packer (with envelope) 1912 June 7 Memorandum of J. Davis Brodhead in matter of the Collateral inheritance tax claimed from the Estate of Harry E. Packer, deceased. 1926 February 1 Lehigh University acknowledges receipt from W. A. Packer,...
Dates: 1901-1926

Legal documents, 1879-1911

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 07
Identifier: 0040.01.07
Scope and Contents 1879 January 16 H. E. Packer agreement for surety of notes Endorsed by LaFayette Lentz with the First National Bank of Mauch Chunk (with envelope) 1883 October 6 partnership between LaFayette Lentz and William Lentz as Lentz Lilly & Co. saying that Judge H. E. Packer is not a partner 1884 February 21 Appraised value of contents of Printing Establishment “The Mauch Chunk Democrat” 1884 April 28 sale of “The Mauch Chunk Democrat” and Good-will Binding to E. H....
Dates: 1879-1911

Accounts, 1893-1955

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 08
Identifier: 0040.01.08
Scope and Contents 1893 December 31 to 1908 July 14 FOURTH ACCOUNT of the Trustees of the H. E. Packer Estate 1911 February 23 FIFTH ACCOUNT of Warren A. Wilbur substituted trustee of Harry E. Packer Estate filed in the Orphans’ Court of Carbon County, Pennsylvania petition for John B. Garrett, Effinham B. Morris, Henry S. Drinker, Charles L. Taylor, Warren A. Wilbur having accepted appointment as substitute Trustees in place of Elisha P. Wilbur; annuity bonds in trust to pay income to...
Dates: 1893-1955

Correspondence, 1884-1900

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 09
Identifier: 0040.01.09
Scope and Contents 1884 November 3 Emilie V. Packer (E.P. Wilbur letterhead) Received of Mary H. Packer $5,000 to settle all claims Against Estate of H. E. Packer, Deceased 1899 December 14 R. Morris Gummere to Estate of H. E. Packer in account of interest with Asa Packer Estate 1900 February 1 Jefferson Coal Co. payment of divident 1900 May 26 Chateaugay Ore and Iron Co. Annual Meeting of the Stockholders announcement 1900 June 30 Jefferson Coal Co. payment of dividends to Estate of...
Dates: 1884-1900

Correspondence, 1901

 File — Box: 0040.01, Folder: 10
Identifier: 0040.01.10
Scope and Contents 1901 March 7 Rent paid from Estate of H. E. Packer for a Safe to E. P. Wilbur Trust Co. $40. 1901 May 20 from David J. Pearsall (Mauch Chunk) to R. M. Gummere (So. Bethlehem) re: New St. property 1901 May 30 from Mary Packer Cummings to E. P. Wilbur re: H. E. Packer Estate indebtedness to Asa Packer Estate and loan to pay Emilie V. Packer, now Mrs. R.H. Eggleston 1901 June 6 Estate of H. E. Packer to Estate of Asa Packer $85,318.33 1901 June 8 from David J. Pearsall...
Dates: 1901