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Box 0140.01


Contains 36 Collections and/or Records:

Historical Development of Mining in Cornwall,

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 01.01
Identifier: MS0140.01.01.01
Scope and Contents Pennsylvania by Robert G. Peets (General Superintendent, Bethlehem Cornwall Corp); November 1956. (Paper presented at the Mining Branch Conference of AIME, Hershey, November 8, 9, and 10, 1956)

Marmoraton Mining Company LTD

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 01.02
Identifier: MS0140.01.01.02
Scope and Contents Marmoraton Mining Company LTD; Development & Operation; By H. O. Olsen; (Paper to be presented at the Mining Branch Conference November 8, 9, 10, 1956.

1st Annual Meeting of the Society of Mining Engineers of the AIME and the Southeastern States

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 01.03
Identifier: MS0140.01.01.03
Scope and Contents 1st Annual Meeting of the Society of Mining Engineers of the AIME and the Southeastern States, Tampa, Florida, October 15 – 18, 1957: (Reports of eight sessions attended by Robert M. Wheeler and Richard Ketter):“Gravity Concentration as Applied to Mesabi Range Intermediate Iron Ores” by W.H. Svigel, Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.; “Application of the Fluidized Solids Process to Drying” by M.W. Brandt, Dorr Oliver Inc.; “Theory of Screening and Screen Selection Fundamentals” by H.F. Ritmeester, Jr.,...

“Continuous Caving” by R.M. Wheeler, 1960

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.01
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.01
Scope and Contents “Continuous Caving” by R.M. Wheeler, Mine Captain, No. 3 Mine (Report to) N. Brown, Superintendent, No. 3 Mine, May 9, 1960.

Bethlehem Cornwall Corporation , 1962

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.02
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.02
Scope and Contents “Bethlehem Cornwall Corporation Cornwall Division Report of Operations Year Ending – December 31, 1962 General” by R.M. Wheeler, Technical Assistant to Manager

Correspondence Bethlehem Cornwall Corporation

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.03
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.03
Scope and Contents 1961 December 12 from R.M. Wheeler, Subject: MS required to finish undercutting #3 Mine excluding east end 1962 February 14 from D.G. Rogich (Cornwall) to R.T. Renfrew, Subject: Two-WayDrifts 1962 February 14 from R.T. Renfrew (Cornwall) to J. Bernhardt, Subject: Slushing Drift Stations 1962 February 27 from R.T. Renfrew (Cornwall) to J. Bernhardt, Subject: Development Costs – No. 3 Mine 1962 March 16 from R.M. Wheeler to N. Brown (Cornwall) Subject: An Alternate Method for Developing the...

Cornwall Mine Closing, 1973

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.04
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.04
Scope and Contents 1973 February 12 “Oldest Mine in U.S. to Close” Morning Call, Allentown, Pa. 1973 February 13 “Mines to Close in March” Lebanon Daily News, Lebanon, Pa 1973 June Bethlehem Review “Historic Era Ending at Cornwall: Mined Since 1742”

Grace Mine, Morgantown, Berks County, Pennsylvania , 1964

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.05
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.05
Scope and Contents 1964 June 8 from D. S. Lyons to J.W. Guider Subject: Grace Mine – Proposed Level Layout Using Transloaders and Car Loading Feeders (eight page memorandum) 1964 June 17 from J.W. Guider to S.J. Shale Subject: Grace Mine Underground Mining Method No Date (Three sheets of penciled notes referring to Grace Mine: Scraper B, Transloaders, 1963 Material and Labor, calculations thru 1962 for fuel, labor, renew Scrubber, Ret percussion 6’/min. 175 cfm, Deutz engine cleanest burning,John Wood &...

Three Maps of Grace Mine , 1964

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.06
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.06
Scope and Contents 1964 April 15 Proposed System for Haulage Loading Grace Mine, Drawing No. 1717-G-47 Drawn by C.R.D. and D.S.L. 1964 May 14 5th Level Haulage, Drawn by H.W.B. 1964 June 11 Proposed 5th Level Layout Using Transloaders & Ca Loading Feeders, Drawing No. 1717-G-48 Drawn by D.S.L.

Three Memoranda , 1964

 File — Box: 0140.01, Folder: 02.07
Identifier: MS0140.01.02.07
Scope and Contents 1964 November 23 from J. Bernhardt (Cornwall) to P.B. Entrekin (Cornwall) Attention S. J. Shale Reference: Letter from C.N. Kravig, Homestake Mining Company to E.P. Leach 1964 November 24 from S.J. Shale to C.N. Kravig (Lead, South Dakota) (Homestake Mining Co. was the largest gold producing mine in United States. Gold ore had been discovered in the magnetite mined in Cornwall and Grace mines. Cornwall Mine in addition to iron ore produced 61, 000 oz. of gold) 1964 November 23 from R.M....